OBKIT1 Admiral Series Outboard Kit with 211 Bullhorn Cylinder

Range / Model# OBKIT1

The compact design of the 211BH bullhorn cylinder in the OBKIT1 requires only 540mm clearance in the engine-well making it the most popular kit. The powerful bronze, brass and stainless-steel cylinder construction and 401 helm means the OBKIT1 is the ideal choice offering the advantage of smooth hydraulic control of your boat.


The OBKIT1 is the most popular kit design as the 211BH cylinder only requires 540mm clearance in the engine-well. The powerful bronze, brass and stainless-steel construction of the 211BH bullhorn cylinder is recommended for single outboard motors up to 300HP or twin motors up to 600HP total (counter-rotating).

This unit comes in a kit for a single station monohull- however other variations are available for cats and dual stations. Installation is simple with the cylinder attaching directly to the front of the outboard motor and supported from the motor’s tilt tube.

In the box:

  • Model 401N8 helm
  • Model 211BH bullhorn style cylinder
  • 2 litres ULTRA-15 fluid
  • 15M (50ft) nylon hydraulic tubing
  • fittings
  • Bleeder kit
  • Instruction manual
Suitable for
  • Vessels
  • Leisure, Commercial / high performance
  • Outboard, Catamaran (Power or Sail)
  • 50 to 200 HP, 200 to 300 HP
Brochure Data Sheet Manual
Seal Kit
Cylinder Seal Kit SK211BH
Since 1966