Steering Solutions

Small Vessel Hydraulic Steering

Smooth performance, reliability and powerful hydraulic steering with maximum corrosion resistance from HyDrive's range of manual hydraulic steering for leisure and commercial boats. Power steering using the HyDrive POWERKIT-M12 is designed to provide state-of-the-art Electro-hydraulic power steering to handle large horsepower or multiple outboard engines. Everything you need in a Complete Kit to handle virtually any boat using outboards, inboards, sterndrives or jet units from 5-15m, in both the Admiral and Commander Series ranges. The Admiral Series use marine-grade, chrome plated brass cylinders for maximum corrosion resistance in the most extreme environmental conditions and are suggested to suit 50HP up to 300HP single engine 600HP twin outboards leisure and commercial. The Commander Series unique, and highly efficient design offers a range of anodised aluminium cylinders with superior corrosion resistance for lower horsepower outboards, inboards and jets to suit up to 200HP single engine 400HP twin outboards leisure vessels. The Commander Pro Series is suitable for vessels up to 300HP single outboards and 600HP twin engines. Select Complete Kits in drop down menu or use this guide Outboard Selection Chart.

Medium Vessel Hydraulic Steering

HyDrive's Heavy Duty Helms and Cylinders are precision manufactured to suit medium and larger vessels in a wide range of rudder torque capacities for sailing, powerboat cruising, fishing and commercial vessels. Details can be found in our Heavy Duty Power & Sail Brochure. Some of HyDrive's Heavy Duty range can be viewed below.  For assistance in choosing the correct steering system for your vessel please complete the Heavy Duty enquiry form or contact your local HyDrive dealer.

Power Assisted Hydraulic Steering

HyDrive manufacture a range of versatile power assisted hydraulic steering systems for larger vessels including engine-driven, DC electric and AC electric systems.   Brochure for Power Systems. Systems can be supplied to upgrade existing steering or as a complete steering unit. For assistance in choosing the correct steering system for your vessel please complete our Power Steering Quote Form or contact your local dealer.

Electronic Steering Commercial & Superyachts

HyDrive's range of electronic steering control and systems equipment is designed for medium and large vessels using either existing power-steering or new installations. The full E-Series integrated systems are designed for Electro-Hydraulic power steering systems on Superyachts and commercial vessels. Details can be found in brochures for electronic steering for catamarans and motor yachts and for integrated systems. Some of HyDrive's E-Series range can be viewed below.  For assistance in choosing the steering system suitable for your vessel please complete our E-Series Quotation Form

Australian Made

HyDrive Engineering began manufacturing hydraulic boat steering equipment in South Australia in 1966, and is one of the world leaders in boat steering technology and is the largest manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere.

Global Distribution

HyDrive, Australia’s largest selling hydraulic steering for small boats, offers the finest in smooth, powerful steering, with quality and materials that are built to last. Large horsepower outboards are handled with comfort and without feedback from engine torque.

Quality, Safety

HyDrive  continues to focus on precision manufacturing and stringent testing of the strongest and most corrosion resistant steering cylinders on the market. Safety margins exceed the requirements of most Survey Societies.