Heavy Duty steering systems for larger vessels including sailing boats, cruising, fishing and commercial vessels.

HyDrive’s heavy duty manual helms with unique anti-wear porting design and increased efficiency rating are available in a wide range of displacements to meet the increasing demand for larger manual hydraulic steering systems.

The pride of the fleet are HyDrive’s superb range of HD cylinders manufactured from the finest marine grade 316 stainless steel piston rods, high tensile bronze and brass end-caps and mounting brackets, and fully articulated attachments for the most durable performance.

HyDrive cylinders are available in a range of sizes and strokes
to cater to a wide range of rudder torque capacities for all types of vessels, power or sail, leisure or commercial.

HyDrive’s Heavy Duty Hydraulic Steering Commercial and Leisure¬† Power & Sail Brochure

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